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kLite Ultra, Lamp Only

kLite Ultra, Lamp Only

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*Pre-order delivery mid-March 2023*

The kLite Ultra V2 is the newest dynamo light from kLite designed with bikepacking and general nocturnal cycling in mind. kLite makes some of the most efficient dynamo electronics in the world, and their “Ultra” series is a culmination of their experience, and the feedback from hundreds of bikepackers around the world. kLite lights are on the starting line at every ultra bikepacking race in the world these days.

Road/Gravel Version:

The high lux beam is achieved with 2x Spot optics and 1x Flood optic, this means when the stakes are high and speed is important, you can see everything that is important but you’re not distracted by anything extra. This light shines further with a more bundled beam compared to the MTB version. This means that the road/gravel version allows you to see further sooner, such as on a long climb where the speed is very low.

Offroad Version:

The ultra wide beam is achieved through the use of 2x Flood optics 1x Spot optic. This means you will be getting the biggest picture possible. The distance on this light is shortened slightly compared to the road/gravel version because of the switch to two flood optics instead of one, but the trade-off being able to see further left and right and in the immediate distance ahead, most importantly while riding offroad.

Low Drag (Road):

750lm 3x spot, for long throw on road.

Reduced drag, combined with the SON delux hub for a ultra low drag* system for road bikes and fast road ultra events like the TCR. The Low Drag version is a little less bright than the other two Ultra lights (750lm vs. 1300lm).

*works as low drag with all dynamo hubs, SON delux being the smoothest and lightest feel


**To be used in conjunction with the kLite Bar Switch and USB Charger.** 


- Automatically adjusts light output based on speed based on dynamo output
- Standlight powered through built-in capacitor instead of battery, so there is little to no loss in capacity through the years of use and abuse.
- SquareTECH optics specifically made for this application instead of commonly used flashlight lenses used in static applications
- 100% Waterproof / Vibration proof. Electronics are internally potted, so water ingress is next to impossible.

- 135g
- Symmetrical beam pattern, can be used upside down
- 3 x Cree LEDs 1300lm output

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