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kLite Qube Only, Rear Flashing Light, Pre-Order

kLite Qube Only, Rear Flashing Light, Pre-Order

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*Pre-order delivery mid-March 2023*

One of the most efficient and compact 5v rear lights on the market. Charges all 5v electronics such as power banks, GPS devices, and telephones. Works in conjunction with the kLite Bar Switch and kLite USB Charger.

The kLite Qube is flashing rear light designed to run off a USB charger or 5v powerbank. The Qube has a standlight and while continue to run for a time when stopped at a traffic interesection for example.

- Anti-glare optics. Riders directly behind you are not blinded, but a car at a distance gets "full blast".
- 100% waterproof
- Compact, easy to mount size
- Seatpost or seatstay mounting

*USB powered, the Qube will plug directly into the kLite dynamo powered USB charger.
*Will only run from powerbank, if it has a low power mode, as its so low power, the powerbank will otherwise simply shutdown.
*will not work directly from dynamo hub, the Qube must be USB powered.
*It may not auto start from other dynamo powered USB chargers.

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