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Noble Wheels Complete Wheelbuilding Set *Coming Soon*

Noble Wheels Complete Wheelbuilding Set *Coming Soon*

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The complete setup. All the Noble Wheels tool designed to make your wheelbuilding faster, more efficient, and more accurate. These are the essentials for any shop trying to turn out more wheels at a higher level of quality and accuracy, or any DIY'er trying to take the frustration out of building wheels in your lap at the kitchen table.

Every set includes the following

- Noble Wheels Lacing Jig
- Noble Truing Stand Adapters 12mm and 15mm
- Noble Deburring Tool
- Noble Nipple Driver
- 2 Rolls 25mm x 66m tubeless tape

Normally 663eur, when purchased as a set €589

For custom setups, please contact Parallel HQ

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Best of the Rest

Tools and supplies are the hardest to come by in the wheelbuilding world. Here is a small, yet growing collection of some of the favourites from Parallel HQ.