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Noble Wheels Hub Bearing Install Set *Coming Soon*

Noble Wheels Hub Bearing Install Set *Coming Soon*

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The NEW Noble hub bearing install set takes a different approach to fitting replacement bearings over the more common threaded 'press' type sets. We have gone for the hammer and vice route similar to the DT Swiss style but with the addition of dummy axles to ensure correct bearing alignment. 

11 pairs of drift sizes are included which covers 5 different bore diameters. all of the drifts are made from stainless steel and the dummy axles are made from solid brass. This is a set for life - even in heavy use workshops. All sizes are laser marked. 

What's in the box?

  • 6900 & 6000 with 10mm dummy axle
  • 6901 & 6001 with 12mm dummy axle
  • 6802, 1526 & 6902 with 15mm dummy axle
  • 6803, 1728 & 6903 with 17mm dummy axle
  • 1830 with 18mm dummy axle
  • Hammer striker
  • Top quality Raaco storage box 

To use this set you will also need a dead blow/soft faced hammer and a bench mounted vice. 

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