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Noble Wheels Lacing Jig

Noble Wheels Lacing Jig

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From Noble:

I developed the first prototype wheel lacing jig around 7 years ago to improve the speed and accuracy of high volume wheel building in my own workshop, now there are almost 500 jigs in workshops all over the world. This newest version features laser marked hub adapters and a mounting point on the centre hub support for our soon to be released Digital Dishing Attachment.  

The jig fully supports both the hub and rim leaving both hands free to insert the spokes and lace the wheel as quickly and efficiently as possible. You are far less likely to drop nipples, or worse…. drop a nipple washer inside the rim during a build or repair. E-hubs, Alfine hubs and Rohloff hubs are weighty bits of kit and this jig makes those builds easy peasy.

This tool helps to reduce build time and improve build quality. You can use the jig to add base tension and check wheel dish (using the supplied o-rings) even before you transfer to the truing stand. Fitting of custom decals is also a great added bonus as the 3 rim support arms are 120 degrees apart so great for helping place decals accurately. 

If you’ve had enough of lacing a wheel on your lap trying to balance everything whilst reaching for the next spoke or nipple, then this is the tool for you! Your back will thank you! 


  • Infinite tool free adjustment for ALL rim diameters (from 300mm to 650mm)
  • 3 arm rim support great for decal placement
  • Hub Axle Supports: QR, 12mm thru, 15mm thru, Threaded Axle Track (100mm & 120mm), Threaded Axle MTB & E-Hub (135x10mm & 135x12mm)
  • Compatible with everything from narrow Brompton hubs to fat bike wheels
  • Angled acetal rim rollers with sealed bearings (won't damage your fancy ENVE decals)
  • Hub dead centre of rim - never guess for valve hole vision again!
  • Manual & CNC machined from 6061 T6 aluminium, Brass & Stainless Steel
  • Arms spaced at 120 degrees to aid rim decal placement
  • Can be easily dismantled & wall mounted for smaller workshops
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