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Noble Wheels Thru Axle Truing Stand Adapters *Coming Soon*

Noble Wheels Thru Axle Truing Stand Adapters *Coming Soon*

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There's already loads of different options for hub axle adapters on the market but I think almost all have at least one drawback. Most are bulky and make reading dish difficult/time consuming, some don't stay in the hub properly/slip and slide all over the place and some are just ridiculously expensive (or all of the above).  

Joergen from Parallel in Holland got in touch and asked me to make something similar to his current (plastic) adapters but out of a more solid material and with retaining o-rings. It took me a few goes to get it just right but I'm super happy with the end product. These adapters only add 6mm (3mm each side) to the hub OLD.

The adapters are a push fit with 2 o-rings that penetrate the axle past any end caps for a solid feel and secure fit. Measuring dish is really easy and can be done in the truing stand depending on your dishing tool. If you need to pop the wheel out to check dish, the adapters won't fall out when you flip the wheel over. Your hub end caps will also stay put at the end of the build or repair when you remove the adapters.

All of the adapters have a 10mm QR interface with the truing stand and so are compatible with almost every truing stand on the market including Park Tool, P&K Lie, Birzman, Centrimaster, etc.

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