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Sapim Spoke Tension Meter - Analog

Sapim Spoke Tension Meter - Analog

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Made by P&K Lie in Germany for Sapim Spokes, this tensiometer is a great workhorse of a tool designed for daily use. This tool is essential to building high quality wheels, no spoke tension readout, no doughnut. This tensio is calibrated to all Sapim spokes before leaving Antwerp and comes with a TÜV certificate and test stick to check the calibration in the interim. This tool should be calibrated regularly and that can be done by Parallel HQ.

  • Calibration (see table) is done for all Sapim AFM spokes.
  • Each tensiometer is calibrated by Sapim, which guarantees accuracy
  • A large measure gauge, easy to read
  • Pre-adjustable marks: checking if tension is within (your) tolerances is much faster and more comfortable
  • wide working range from 30 kgf up to 200 kgf
  • Metal test stick for interim testing included, allows to check the present condition of the calibration
  • Delivered in a hard case with foam inlay, the best storage to prevent damaging of this precision device.
  • A serial number, easy for tracing your calibration sheet of which Sapim keeps a copy as back up
  • Price:quality is great

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